Sunday, February 22, 2015

Top 5 features of Asus Zenfone

This year month of February is full of excitement for all of us. Starting from dramatic win of AAP in Delhi showing how Indian democracy can change the faith of a common man, then the excitement towards world cup and India -Pakistan match & last but not the least the most awaited day of love -Valentine's day. As a happily unmarried working professional, I had also enjoyed this season of excitement and love and In search of something new, guess friend what I found as a perfect companion for love on this V-day. It's the amazing ASUS Zenfone to celebrate the season of love and pamper me with the perfect gift. After exploring and giving some deep dive into its features, I found various reasons that show the unconditional love from this glamorous gadget.


As an IT professional & avid blogger  my love towards smart phones and sleek gadgets is obvious, but when I saw the range of smartphones under the hood of the Zenfone, I got amazed to see the plethora of features and a slew of personalization option available with its user interface.
Here it is! Freedom, Style & Entertainment. what else can the Zenfone give you on this Valentine's?
Let me share my 5 reasons for choosing ASUS Zenfone as a perfect partner for this valentine.

Camera & Selfie: Zenfone smartphones come with optical image stabilization techniques & autofocus lens system which allows amazing camera experience. I am a camera addict and with the new trend of taking selfie, it provide the best quality images for regular click's on the go. Also, while you are alone and don't have anyone to click your picture.

Slim Design element & Look: Its simple, ergonomic and innovative design made me crazy & I got a crush on its iconic concentric circle finish with a unique fine texture. You can imagine your dream girl in her perfect figure and shape. It's the miracle of Zenfone design which contributed to my unconditional affection towards it.

Incredible touch Experience & ZenUI: Talking about it User interface(UI) and touch experience, I have no words to explain the experience. Its simple, intuitive & extremely functional, ZenUI comes with the bundle of features like What's Next, Do It Later, Omlet chat, PixelMaster, ZenLink and Open cloud. Surprised to see the plethora of function, you have to really own a zenfone to experience these.Ease with such a UI will make you feel that Zenfone is much easier to handle as compared to your girlfriend. You can trust me on this. LOL !!

Long Battery Life: 
I know sometimes relationships doesn't last longer in our life, but guys I can ensure you the Zenfone battery life will always be longer than that. Practically speaking its power efficient antenna design, the low power intel processor in combination with the power saving mode admixture ensures that the battery lasts for longer duration without compromising on performance.

Buy 1 Get 1 free: Last but not the least its Dual SIM features made my life easier, it's something like you buy one girlfriend & get one free. Just kidding guys, but yes having two SIM slot's enable me to use my favourite service provider for data usage & one for CUG plan of my corporate connection. Perfect for working professional like me.

I have shared reason for falling in love with Zenfone, who was your valentine this year & how was your experience with Zenfone , feel free to share in comment section.

Till then enjoy your unconditional love with your valentine !!

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