Friday, October 9, 2015

The All Around #ChampIsBack - LG NEXUS 5X

Hey, Folks, You heard it right the Champ is back. Remember 2012 when the LG Nexus boomed the market with it's google baked inbuilt features and everyone was running after it like a newly launched a Lamborghini. Since it's launching it managed to capture the imagination and hearts of plenty of people, making it one of the most popular series of smartphones in India.

In this post, I will be sharing some thrilling features of revamped version of LG Nexus 5.

1)Powerful Camera that catches more light:

We all know the smartphone camera is the only option where all people have access to cameras, and it will not be a false statement that they are deeply integrated now to their day- to-day life. If you are a person with the flair of photography but don't want to carry your digicam or DSLR, Nexus 5X can fulfill the space of your casual photography world. In todays world where we don't simply use smartphones for texting or browsing we use them for Instagram, SnapChat. We need a powerfull camera which cathces more light & produce quality pictures even in low light or moon light.LG Nexus comes up with picture shots of 12.3 Megapixel & faster lens motion, with f/1.8 aperture.

2) Security at it's Best: Nexus Imprint:

If safety & security is top on your list, this phone is your best deal. With this Nexus Imprint, your is place on the back of the panel to complement the way you hold the back panel of your mobile. It will just turn on your screen on a gentle finger touch which is smart enough &  improve the experience every time you use it. Just a single touch & you can unlock your smartphone breezing with all the apps and games you want to explore. Nexus 5X is more secured  with a state of art fingerprint sensor.

3) The new standard: USB Type-C:

This innovative newly designed USB port allows you more faster charging on th go. Don't have time to wait till your phone get charged, Just  plug in the charger for 10 minutes & enjoy the talktime upto 4 hours. Don't you thing it's amazing and husband on top of the gold is it comes with reversible charging pin which allows us to plugin from both side on the charging port.

So what are you waiting for the champ is back to the town. Go Grab it !!

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