Sunday, April 3, 2016

#MyMowgliMemory - A Trip to Chidhood

Today I am writing this post to relive some special childhood memories associated with India's one of the best cartoon series "The Jungle Book". If you were born in 80's or early 90's you might be having the same set of memories. Those were the days when kids didn't have the luxury of Cartoon Network and dozens of kids channel. I still remember we used to count weekdays to watch "The Jungle Book" on every Sunday morning on Doordarshan. We used to get goosebumps when the serial starts with the melody of " Jungle Baat Chali hai, Pata Chala hai...Arre Chadi pehan ke phool khila hai phool khila hai....". For most of us, we used to sing this childhood anthem while going to school on our rickshaws.

Even after so many years, the memories of Mowgli , Baloo & Bagheera including  their escapades in the jungle gives an unlimited joy and a trip to childhood. I am sure if I get a chance to watch those episodes again I would enjoy them watching again.

The Sher khan was the villain of the whole series and Nana' gave a true justice to the role with his voice.  Sher khan being Bengal tiger, shown the physical power & composure of  a king of the jungle. He tried to dominate the whole jungle with his power & cruelty.  The battle between Mowgli & Shere khan . A ruthless tiger in front of an innocent but courageous child "Mowgli". Always an interesting story, how the Mowgli battled with him with the help of  Boomerang, Baloo & Bagheera.

When Last year Disney announced that they are making a movie on The Jungle Book, I was so excited. As far as the movies concern its full of  special effects and it's getting released next week in April. Nana Patekar is still playing the voice of Shere Khan in Hindi dubbed version which is something I am looking farword.

The journey from India's most fascinated cartoon series to an animated special effect movie " The Jungle Book" had already won the heart of all the fans. We all are waiting for the movie &, this time, all father's will be more excited than their kids to relive and cherish their childhood fantasy " The Jungle Book"

The new version is the Disney's live-action adaptation of  "The Jungle Book". As you can see in the below trailer it seems to be a visually immersive adventure story for children's. I am looking forward to revisit my childhood & #MyMowgliMemory.

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