Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#SniffSniff Activity- In association with BlogAdda

Recently the blogosphere  was stormed by the #sniffsniff activity conducted by the none other than most popular Blogadda.  All male bloggers from Mumbai, Delhi, & Bangalore were shortlisted for this mysterious activity.We were asked to delight our inner sherlock homes to guess the actual product by receiving a series of the parcel and then guess the product using the hints given by blogadda.I registered for the activity on blogadda and within two days I got the first parcel. This whole exciting activity was about to storm all the bloggers across India

Let me share my experience about this whole unique activity which is kind of a new trend in blogger media outreach campaigns.

#Sniffsniff - Day 1:
As I received the parcel on the first day, I was nicely packed box with sniff sniff logo. I was excited to open it.  It was a "Clothespin" on a card printed with  Men's face. it was pinned on his nose" I thought it has something to do with men's & smell. I kept my finger crossed for the next hint.

#Sniffsniff - Day 2:
The next parcel on day2. on my surprise it was jute bag full of coffee beans. We all know that coffee neutralises the odour. Immediately I got a sense it has something to  do with odour. I suspected either its a perfume or a deodorant. This coffee stuff  had already gave enough fan to the flames of curosity.
It was time to wait for the next hint.

#Sniffsniff - Day 3:

Then its was morning on day3, the door knocked and the delivery boy was standing with third hint of  #sniffsniff activity. It was a mask which is used to protect from pollution & disease. In a note inside the package it was written that it can'nt protect someone from terrible body odour.

#Sniffsniff - Day 4 - Final Day ( Mystery solved)

On a final day, the product was revealed. It's India first body deodorizer from NIVEA. I was so convinced with my inner instinct that it will be deodorant. but I was so surprised to see the that it's not actually a deo but  protect skin from the odour & keep it clean while ensuring an awesome fragrance throughout the day. It comes in two fragrances " ICE COOL & ENERGY'

I have used the deodorizer it's very effective & give long-lasting protection from  body odour.
Overall it was an amazing experience to be a part of such unique campaign from blogadda. 

For the Global launch of NIVEA men deodorizer - Read here 

I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.”

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