Monday, June 8, 2015

An Odour Story- My Nose knows #Sniff Sniff

Hello, friends, Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have been thrown out of an opportunity or got ignored due to a bad odour or smell from your body. Let me tell you guys what impact can a bad odour problem can cause in the life of a working professional.

Body odour is an unpleasant problem which can easily impact one's confidence or self-esteem. In big cities, all people do travel to their work location either by public transport or personal car or a bike. During the commutation, we came into direct contact with heat, pollution, dust which contacts with our skin & sweat causing body odour. Some people are really like a smelling oyster.

In this post, I will tell you a story where one fellow who is actually the hero of my story got rejected by a female HR, even after clearing all technical rounds.

So here goes my story "During the 2nd year of my job, I got a call for the job interview, which was in a good multi-nation company.They told me it's an open walk-In so you need to be on time & come prepared with all the documents.I have been in a same company for a while, so I thought it's better to give a try , also the profile was quite interesting so I confirmed to the HR that I will be attending the interview. So I took a local train from western suburbs in Mumbai to Churchgate, where the head office was located. I was quickly going through the job description & my resume. In Andheri, one smart guy jumped inside the boogie & got settled next to me. We started with a casual talk & later came to know that we are going for a same venue & it was a mere coincident that we were going to give the interview for the same profile.  So we started talking & enquired about each others job history. It was a common talk quite normal when people from same interest meet. After 20 mins,  I realized an unpleasant smell & came to know that it's the body odour of that poor guy. In this duration, I also realized that this guy has potential to crack the interview & found him more intelligent as compared to a regular IT professionals. I will get back to the body odour. So we both reached the venue together. I was the first who went for the interview, I cleared the first round & was waiting outside for my turn to HR round. Mine interview was an average one, I was blank on few question from the interview panel, whereas I was confident about my presentation and body language.

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Now It was turn for the hero of our story. He went inside. After 15 mins he came outside with a blast, saying he cleared the technical round. I must tell you guys though he cleared the interview, he was smelling like a shit. He might be was having sweating issues, but one thing I was sure about  that he hadn't used any body deodorant or perfume that day. Later we have been called for HR round. A beautiful lady called us for the final round. Guys, you will not believe this guy who was so confident in his technical round got rejected by the HR without asking any question. Later we came to know the reason that the lady denied to took his interview because of his body odour. Then I realized, even a smart, impressive person can fail to make an impact if he smells unpleasant. It's all natural, we gradually tend toward better smelling people. After my HR round, I came to know that I got selected. Do you guys, wanna know the secret behind it. Yes, it was my knowledge who helped to cleared all rounds, but  I was also equipped with my deodorant to avoid any situation where someone get crazy about my body smell.

In my future post, I will reveal one secret on how to overcome the body odour & live the life confidently. Do share your experience when someone's body odour put you off  that person.

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

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